Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Builders Beyond Borders’ Important Work in Ballenita, Ecuador

An experienced sports medicine specialist, Dr. Stu Steinman treats patients at WestSports Medicine in Norwalk, Connecticut. Outside of work, Dr. Stu Steinman runs a volunteer vaccination clinic for Builders Beyond Borders. This organization empowers high school students to undertake community service projects at home and abroad.

Last year, Builders Beyond Borders sent nine teams to work on four projects in Ecuador. One of these projects took place in Ballenita, a fishing village in the southwestern part of the country. The organization, which first started working in Ballenita in 2007 to build four classrooms, constructed two more classrooms and four bathrooms during its most recent visit. 

The four classrooms initially constructed by Builders Beyond Borders became known as the Escuela Malena. The school has grown impressively in the years since; it now supports the education of 100 children at any given time, and literacy rates in the area have skyrocketed as a result. Slowly expanding the educational offerings, the Escuela Malena now offers classes in English and computer science. Many of the students graduating from the school are the first in their family to earn a diploma.

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